14 from “Stations of the Cross: The Struggle For LGBT Equality” by Mary Button

Spirit Day: Stand up to bullying of LGBTQ youth

People are speaking out against bullying of LGBTQ youth for Spirit Day (Oct. 19, 2017). Spirit Day happens every year on the third Thursday of...
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Matthew Shepard by Tobias Haller

Matthew Shepard: Modern gay martyr and hate-crime victim

Matthew Shepard is a modern gay martyr who brought international attention to anti-LGBTQ hate crimes when he died on Oct. 12, 1998. He was a...
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Kittredge Cherry on Coming Out video

Come out for equality on National Coming Out Day

Coming out the closet as a lesbian had a huge impact on my life, so I celebrate National Coming Out Day with a short video of my personal story, an...
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Vida Dutton Scudder

Vida Dutton Scudder: Lesbian saint, reformer and teacher

Vida Dutton Scudder, c. 1890 (Wikipedia) Vida Dutton Scudder is an American social reformer, professor, prominent lesbian author — and an...
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Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Queer Saint Tibira and two-spirit Native Americans remembered

A new effort to canonize queer saint Tibira is highlighted here for Indigenous Peoples’ Day along with many other LGBTQ and two-spirit Native...
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Q Spirit presents LGBTQ spirituality through the Jesus in Love Blog. Saints, history, books, art and more are covered in articles by lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry.

Kuan Yin: A queer Buddhist Christ figure?

Kuan Yin, the androgynous spirit of compassion in Buddhism, is sometimes thought of as a queer Christ figure or LGBTQ role model. Buddhists celebrate the enlightenment of Kuan Yin every year in July or August. Christians honor Christ as savior, and Kuan Yin is a type...

What if Krishna and Christ made love?

What if Christ met Krishna? Christ and Krishna are two of the greatest teachers of love that the world has ever known. Would they speak of love, even make love? This delightful possibility is considered here today in honor of Krishna’s birthday or Janmashtami....

Blessed John of La Verna: Kissed by Jesus

Blessed John of La Verna is a medieval Italian friar known for his visions of kissing and being kissed by Jesus. His feast day is Aug. 9. John also had an intense relationship with fellow friar and poet Jacopone da Todi. Traditional writers have done “gender...

Martha and Mary of Bethany: Sisters or lesbian couple?

Mary and Martha of Bethany were two of Jesus’ closest friends. The Bible calls them “sisters” who lived together, but reading the Bible with queer eyes raises another possibility. Maybe Mary and Martha were a lesbian couple. Their feast day is July 29. Mary and Martha...

Artemisia Gentileschi paints strong Biblical women

Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi inspires many with her paintings of strong Biblical women — created despite the discrimination and sexual violence that she faced as a woman in 17th-century Italy. She was born on July 8, 1593. Although Gentileschi was...
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