John Boswell

John Boswell: Historian of gays and lesbians in Christianity

John Boswell (1947-1994) was a prominent scholar who researched and wrote about the importance of gays and lesbians in Christian history. He was...
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Traces of His Presence by Eric Martin Traces of His Presence by Eric Martin (gay centurion)

Gay centurion: Jesus heals a soldier’s boyfriend in the Bible

Jesus praised a gay centurion in the Roman army as a model of faith and healed his male lover in the gospels, according to many Bible experts. The...
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Perpetua and Felicity by Angela Yarber

Perpetua and Felicity: Patron saints of same-sex couples

Saints Perpetua and Felicity were brave North African woman friends who were executed for their Christian faith in the third century. Some consider...
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Interior of the Basilica of Saint John at the Latin Gate same-sex marriage in Renaissance Rome

A same-sex marriage ceremony in… Renaissance Rome?

By Gary Ferguson, University of Virginia In the late 16th century, the famous French essayist Michel de Montaigne wrote about two marriages between...
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Dutch massacre of sodomites in Amsterdam in 1730-31

Ash Wednesday: Queer martyrs executed for homosexuality rise from the ashes

Today on Ash Wednesday queer martyrs rise from the ashes as we recall the thousands who were executed for homosexuality throughout history. This is...
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Q Spirit presents LGBTQ spirituality through the Jesus in Love Blog. Saints, history, books, art and more are covered in articles by lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry.

Jeanne Manford: PFLAG founder who loved her gay son

Jeanne Manford loved her gay son so much that she founded Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). She died on Jan. 8, 2013 at age 92. Her son, the late Morty Manford, was beaten during a gay rights protest in April 1972.  She responded by writing...

Queer Epiphany: Three kings or three queens?

Reimagining the three kings as queer or female gives fresh meaning to Epiphany, a holiday celebrating the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus. It is observed on Jan. 6. The word “epiphany” also refers to a sudden, intuitive perception. By looking at the Bible and...

Queer cheer for Christmas: Make the Yuletide gay

Find queer cheer in this round-up of LGBTQ Christmas highlights from the Jesus in Love Blog at Q Spirit.. Clicking the headlines below for queer Christmas songs, a gay baby Jesus, love between good King Wenceslas and his page, lesbian Madonnas, carol composer...

Ruth and Naomi: Biblical women who loved each other

Love between women is honored in the lives of Biblical figures Ruth and Naomi. The two women are an inspiration for lesbians and the whole LGBTQ community.  Some churches observe their feast day on Dec. 20. Ruth’s famous vows to Naomi are often used in weddings...

Queer Nativity scenes show love makes a family

I create my own queer Nativity scenes for the Christmas season. One has two Marys at the manger with the baby Jesus, and the other features two Josephs with the Christ child. I put Mary with Mary and Joseph with Joseph—just like putting two brides or two grooms on top...

Lazarus: Jesus’ beloved disciple?

Some believe that Lazarus of Bethany was the “beloved disciple” of Jesus — and maybe even his same-sex lover. His feast day is Dec. 17. Scholars theorize that Lazarus was also the unnamed “one whom Jesus loved,” also known as “the beloved disciple,” referenced...

John of the Cross: Dark Night of a Gay Soul

“The Dark Night of the Soul,” a spiritual classic with homoerotic overtones, was written by 16th-century Spanish mystic Saint John of the Cross, also known as San Juan de la Cruz. His feast day is Dec. 14. Like some other mystics, John of the Cross (1542-1591) used...

Queer Lady of Guadalupe: Artists re-imagine an icon

Our Lady of Guadalupe brings a message of holy empowerment that speaks to LGBTQ people — and angers Christian conservatives. Queer art based on Guadalupe is shown here for her feast day today (Dec. 12). She is an Aztec version of the Virgin Mary that appeared to...

Advent: Waiting for the queer face of God

Advent celebrates the mystery of the Word made flesh — an important concept in queer spirituality. LGBTQ people are creating new ways to honor Advent, the time of expectant waiting for Christ’s birth starting four Sundays before Christmas. “This Advent I am...
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