LGBTQ Christian book coves “Where True Love Is” and “A House of Prayer for All People”

Two new books affirm LGBTQ Christian life this month: daily Bible reflections and a study of a large queer church.

The books are “Where True Love Is: An Affirming Devotional for LGBTQ+ Christians and Their Allies” by Suzanne DeWitt Hall and “A House of Prayer for All People: Contesting Citizenship in a Queer Church” by David K. Seitz. He writes about Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto.

Where True Love Is: An Affirming Devotional for LGBTQ+ Christians and Their Allies” by Suzanne DeWitt Hall.

Biblical support for LGBTQ+ Christians is revealed in 90 daily reflections. The book begins with “Who is God?” and goes on to address the Bible, Jesus and the law, sin, gender, sexuality and “What does it take to get to heaven?” Reflections are written in a friendly, easy-to-read style. Each day concludes with a quote from a variety of thinkers ranging from Saint John of the Cross and Mahatma Gandhi to contemporary figures such as Gene Robinson, Anne Lamott and John Hagee. The author is a freelance writer and HuffPost blogger who lives in Massachusetts with her wife. Foreword by Susan Cottrell, author of “Mom I’m Gay” and “True Colors.” Published by DH Strategies.

A House of Prayer for All People: Contesting Citizenship in a Queer Church” by David K. Seitz.

Life in a large LGBT church is examined by an urban cultural geographer who spent three years at Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto. He focuses on four struggles in the community: debates on race and gender in religious leadership, activism around police-minority relations, international outreach to LGBT Christians, and advocacy for asylum seekers. Building on queer theory, he calls for an “improper” queer citizenship beyond nationality or identity politics. The author is assistant professor of cultural geography at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA. Published by University of Minnesota Press.


Just released
Refocusing My Family: Coming Out, Being Cast Out, and Discovering the True Love of God by Amber Cantorna. Published by Fortress Press.

Coming soon and available for pre-order

Nov. 7, 2017
Sexual Disorientations: Queer Temporalities, Affects, Theologies by Kent L. Brintnall, Joseph A. Marchal and Stephen D. Moore (editors). Published by Fordham University Press.

Nov. 28, 2017
Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians,” ” edited by Brandan Robertson. Published by Darton Longman & Todd Ltd.


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