LGBTQ Christian books "For Those Tears I Died" and "Scags at 30"

Lesbian spiritual life is explored in two new books this month: a memoir and a novel. They are “For Those Tears I Died” by Marsha Stevens and “Scags at 30” by Deborah Emin.

For Those Tears I Died: The Amazing Story About How One Song Brought Healing to Millions and Birthed Contemporary Christian Music” by Marsha Stevens-Pino.

A popular singer-songwriter shares her dramatic life story, including her lesbian coming-out process and journey into Metropolitan Community Churches. In a lively, first-person style, Stevens-Pino tells how she became what experts call “the mother of contemporary Christian music” and “conservative Christianity’s worst nightmare: a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, God-fearing lesbian Christian.” At just 16, she wrote a song that went on to become one of the most widely recognized, and translated hymns in Christian circles: “For Those Tears I Died.” Published by CanyonWalker Press.

Scags at 30” by Deborah Emin.

A woman falls in love with an ex-nun in this new lesbian spiritual romance novel set in New York City in 1981. The story is told through letters written by Scags, an everywoman character who faces big decisions about her life before she turns 30. Her awakening unfolds against current events such as the early AIDS crisis, Reagan’s inauguration and the murder of John Lennon. The book is the third installment in an ongoing series that began with Scags at the ages of 7 and 18. The author is owner/publisher of Sullivan Street Press, an environmentally sound ebook-only company. Published by Sullivan Street Press.

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Kittredge Cherry

Kittredge Cherry

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Kittredge Cherry is a lesbian Christian author who writes regularly about LGBTQ spirituality.She holds degrees in religion, journalism and art history.She was ordained by Metropolitan Community Churches and served as its national ecumenical officer, advocating for LGBTQ rights at the National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches.
Kittredge Cherry