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An amazing variety of more than 40 LGBTQ events are planned for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Nov. 19-22 in San Antonio, Texas. Here is a guide to all of them.

Presentations shed a queer light on everything from ancient Bible texts to the current events such as Trump’s recent election and the Pulse Nightclub massacre. Scholars will cover “the gender-queering of Jesus,” “Ruth as Undocuqueer,” the Holy Spirit in “homohistory,” San Francisco’s “gayborhood” as sacred space and a mind-blowing assortment of other LGBTQ topics.

The joint annual meeting is the largest gathering of biblical and religion scholars in the world with more than 11,000 attendees.

Books that are up for major LGBTQ discussion this year include:

An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures” and “Depression: A Public Feeling,” both by Ann Cvetkovich

Feminist, Queer, Crip” by Alison Kafer

Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology” by Pamela Lightsey

God and Difference: The Trinity, Sexuality, and the Transformation of Finitude” by Linn Tonstad

Conference-goers will discuss liberating new ideas about the Bible, the church, sexual ethics and the impact of Christianity on individuals. Scholars will also take a queer look at every major world religion from various racial, ethnic and cultural perspectives.

Reading the schedule provides a sneak-preview of the latest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer religious scholarship, even for those who can’t be there.

It’s possible to do LGBTQ religious events almost non-stop for five days. Sometimes multiple events even overlap.

Best wishes to the many friends of the Jesus in Love Blog who will be attending and presenting at AAR-SBL!

Note: Session numbers begin with “A” for AAR, “S” for SBL and “M” for additional meetings. These events are subject to change.

Sat., Nov. 19, 2016

A19 – 103: Status of LGBTIQ Persons in the Profession Committee Special Topics Forum on Expendable Bodies, Knowledge, and Positionality
9:00am – 11:30am
Richard McCarty, Mercyhurst University, Presiding

Marginalization of LGBTIQ people and strategies of resistance will be discussed from professional and theoretical perspectives and lived experiences.
Heather White, University of Puget Sound
Emilie M. Townes, Vanderbilt University
Jeremy Posadas, Austin College
Rebecca Alpert, Temple University
Mark Larrimore, The New School
Joy Ladin, Yeshiva University

A19 – 142: LGBTIQ Mentoring Lunch
11:45am – 12:45pm
Kathleen T. Talvacchia, Union Theological Seminary, Presiding

All students and junior scholars who “identify outside of normative gender histories and/or sexualities” are welcome.
Rebecca Alpert, Temple University
Elyse Ambrose, Drew University
Anna Blaedel, Drew University
Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Pacific School of Religion
Mark Jordan, Harvard University
Richard McCarty, Mercyhurst University
Cameron Partridge, Harvard Divinity School
Unregistered Participant
Randall Styers, University of North Carolina
Heather White, University of Puget Sound
Thelathia Young, Bucknell University

A19 – 202: Feminist Theory and Religious Reflection Group
Theme: Gender at the Intersection of Religion and Economics: Fair-Trade, Moral Imaginations, and the Queer Potentials of Exchange
Mary Keller, University of Wyoming, Presiding

Jeremy Posadas, Austin College
The Refusal of Work: Towards a Queer-Feminist Political Economy
Queer-feminist economies of reproduction and exchange are applied to the notion of “refusal to work” from the book “The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries” by Kathryn Weeks.

A19 – 219: Ecclesiological Investigations Group
Theme: Globalization, Sexuality, and the Churches
Bradford E. Hinze, Fordham University, Presiding

Global church conflict over human sexuality will be discussed, including church controversy over homosexuality in:

Christopher C. Brittain, University of Aberdeen
Local Anxieties and the Global Dispute over Human Sexuality in the Anglican Communion
(homosexuality is a symbol of larger conflicts in the Anglican church)

Sara Rosenau, Drew University
A Queer Ecclesiology of Failure
(the church as missed the theological importance of its own failures)

S19-232: LGBTI/Queer Hermeneutics
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Teresa Hornsby, Drury University, Presiding

David A. Schones, Southern Methodist University
Ruth as Undocuqueer: Rereading the book of Ruth at the Intersection of Queer and Postcolonial

Laurel Koepf Taylor, Eden Theological Seminary
Throwing Away My Shot: Queer Legacies Better Than Sons And Daughters In The Ancient And Modern Economies of Childhood

Matthew Elia, Duke University
Sarah, Sodom, and the Queering of Time in Genesis 18-19

Tyler M. Schwaller, Harvard University
Bonds beyond the Bondage of Slavery: Onesimos and Queer Kinship across Time

Francoise Mirguet, Arizona State University
Permeable Bodies: A Site of Anxieties about Gender and Social Status

A19 – 302: Religion and Cities Group
Theme: Religion and Meaning: The Contestation of Urban Spaces

Lynne Gerber, Harvard University
Rachel Deitch, Harvard University
The Castro and Its Metaphors: Religious Narrations of San Francisco’s Gayborhood
(San Francisco’s Castro district served as a “gay Mecca,” sacred space and focal point for religious debate)

A19 – 324: Men, Masculinities, and Religions Group
Theme: Masculinities, Sacred Texts, and Archetypes: Representation and Reception
Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada, Princeton University, Presiding

Martin Nykvist, Lund University
A Homosocial Priesthood of All Believers: Laity and Gender in Inter-War Sweden

Teemu Ratinen, University of Helsinki
Changing Masculinity before the Changing God: God Image and the Construction of Heterosexual Masculinity

Joseph Stuart, University of Utah
“Great and Mighty Ones”: Super-Children and Masculinity in Mormon Discourse, 1852-1912

Paul A Brazinski, Catholic University of America
The Heretical Eunuch: The Role of Eunuchs in the Formation of Orthodoxy and Arianism (311-450 AD)

Jared Vazquez, Iliff School of Theology

A19 – 339: Theme: Gay Bar Life in San Antonio, Texas Pre-Stonewall
4:00pm – 6:30pm
Marie Cartier, California State University, Northridge, Presiding
(Gay bars alternate church spaces to LGBTQ peoples in exile from traditional religions in pre-Stonewall times, says Marie Cartier’s book, “Baby You Are My Religion: Women, Gay Bars and Theology Before Stonewall.”

Melissa Gohlke, University of Texas, San Antonio
Brian Scott Riedel, Rice University

M19-418: Unitarian Universalist Scholars and Friends
Theme: Discussion and Reception: Queering UUism: Celebrating the Legacy of Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé
6:30-8:00 PM – Panel Discussion
8:00-9:30 PM – Reception
Gabriella Lettini, Starr King School for the Ministry, Presiding

(honoring the legacy of Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé, a scholar-activist in queer studies and many other “transformative pedagogies.”)
Ghazala Anwar, Starr King School for the Ministry
Sofia Betancourt, Starr King School for the Ministry
Hugo Córdova Quero, Starr King School for the Ministry
Rosemary Bray McNatt, Starr King School for the Ministry
Rebecca Parker, Starr King School for the Ministry
Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University
Emily Silverman, San José State University]

A19 – 401: Films “Two Spirits” and “Her Giveaway”
Two Spirits” explores the murder of Fred Martinez, a Navajo youth in the “two-spirit” tradition of balancing masculine and feminine. “Her Giveaway: A Spiritual Journey with AIDS” counteracts the invisibility of women, Native Americans and lesbians with AIDS.

Sun., Nov.20, 2016

A20-101: Arts, Literature, and Religion Section
Theme: Aesthetics, Place, Religious Landscapes

Justin Tanis, Graduate Theological Union
Rodeo Pantheon (Heretic Books, 1993): Ancient Gods, Heroes, and Cowboys in the Art of Delmas Howe
(Howe’s art shows ancient gods reborn as modern cowboys in mystic male bonding in his book “Rodeo Pantheon.” Howe also mixed religious symbolism with gay culture in his series of paintings “Stations: A Gay Passion.”

A20 – 103: Study of Judaism Section
Theme: Hidden in Plain Sight: History, Memory, and the Body of the Jew in TV’s “Transparent”
(Transgender identity, queer sexuality, Judaism and much more converge in “Transparent,” an award-winning comedy about a transgender woman)

Laurie Zoloth, Northwestern University
Turn Your Eyes Away From Me: Loss and Memory in Post-Shoah Jewish Life

Jeffrey Israel, Williams College
Liberation and Decline: Jews and the Sexual Imaginary

Pinchas Giller, American Jewish University
The Golden Land: The LA Jew and the Nature of Identity

Michal Raucher, University of Cincinnati

S20-114: Book of Daniel: Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible
Theme: The Use, Influence, and Impact of the Book of Daniel
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

James E. Harding, University of Otago
Daniel 11:37 and the Invention of the Homosexual Antichrist

A20 – 109: Status of LGBTIQ Persons in the Profession Committee and Status of Persons with Disabilities in the Profession Committee
Theme: Intersectional Scholarship and Activism: A Conversation with Alison Kafer, Author of “Feminist, Queer, Crip”
9:00am – 11:30am
Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University, Presiding
(Religion, theology and ethics can be reconfigured based on the 2013 book “Feminist, Queer, Crip” by Alison Kafer

Thelathia Young, Bucknell University
Charles Gillespie, University of Virginia
Shane Clifton, Alphacrucis College
Heike Peckruhn, Daemen College
Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Pacific School of Religion
Alison Kafer, Southwestern University

A20 – 127: Gay Men and Religion Group
Theme: Unruly Methods: Thinking Again About Regulation, Devotion, and Desire in “Queer” “Religious” Experience
9:00am – 11:30am
Marco Derks, Utrecht University, Presiding

Ronald Bernier, Wentworth Institute of Technology
On Not Coming Out: Revolutionary Enough for You?
(based on the work of lesbian feminist theologian Carter Heyward)

Michael Pettinger, The New School
“Is This Sufjan Stevens Song Gay or Just about God?” The Formation of a Queer Christian Interpretative Community and Its Diva
(Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens merges homoerotic desire and spiritual longing in songs such as “John My Beloved” and “Vito’s Ordination Song.”)

Brandy Daniels, Vanderbilt University
Beyond Unruliness as Un-Visibility? Towards an Unruly (Queer) Theological Method (and Ethic)
(based on Patrick Cheng’s queer theology)

Laurel C. Schneider, Vanderbilt University

A20 – 202: Women’s Lounge Roundtable
Theme: Emerging Scholars Crossing, Trans/gressing, and B(l)ending Gender: Who Do You Say I Am?
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Marcelle Williams, California Institute of Integral Studies, Presiding
Meredith Minister, Shenandoah University, Presiding

Elizabeth Freese, Drew University
Erasure Danger: In Defense of Female Categorical (for the Sake of Bodily) Integrity in Feminist Theory and Christology

Brandy Daniels, Vanderbilt University
Recognition through Relationality? Rethinking Futurity in Theologies of Gender Identity Formation

Kirsten Gerdes, Claremont Graduate University
Fat and Sacred: A Constructive Theology Transgressing the Boundaries of Beauty and Belief

A20 – 212: Gay Men and Religion Group and Lesbian-Feminist Issues and Religion Group
Theme: Did We Win? Critical Appraisal of Marriage Equality Gains One Year After Obergefell
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Amy Milligan, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, Presiding

Michelle Wolff, Duke University
Won and Done: Is the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage the Triumph of Progressive Politics Over Religious Conservatism?

Religious, Cultural, and Historical Influences on Homosexuality in China Today

Jay Michaelson, Chicago Theological Seminary
Gaytway Drug: A Revisionist View of the Revisionist View of the Gay Marriage Movement

Sharon Groves, Auburn Theological Seminary
The High Cost of Victory: How Marriage Equality Became a Movement Liability

A20 – 213: Indigenous Religious Traditions Group, Religion, Colonialism, and Post-Colonialism Group, Religion and Sexuality Group, and Religion, Film, and Visual Culture Group
Theme: Indigenizing Queer Film, Gender, and Pedagogy
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Danoye Oguntola-Laguda, Lagos State University, Presiding

Gabriel Estrada, California State University
Ojibwe Lesbian Visual AIDS: On the Red Road with Carole LaFavor, “Her Giveaway” (1988), and Maori/Native American LGBTQ2 Film History

Ken Derry, University of Toronto
“Always Been Changing”: Film, Pedagogy, and Indigenous Traditions

Brett Krutzsch, College of Wooster
Memorializing Fred Martinez as a Strategy to Promote Native American Gender and Sexual Diversity

Syed Adnan Hussain, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax

A20 – 228: Wildcard Session
Theme: Revolutions of Love: The Politics and Flesh of Religion

The Queer Axis of Love
John Thatamanil, Union Theological Seminary

A20 – 267: Body and Religion Group; Men, Masculinities, and Religion Group; and Transformative Scholarship and Pedagogy Group
Theme: Drawing, Dressing, and Playing with God

Julie Morris, Duke University
Dressing the Savior: Considering a New Notion of Gender Theory through the Feminized Body of Christ
(Gender-queering Jesus can disturb the gender binary)

A20 – 274: Queer Studies in Religion Group
Theme: Strange Fruit: Critical Perspectives on Race, Religion, and Sexuality
3:00pm – 4:30pm
Amaryah Armstrong, Vanderbilt University, Presiding

Ashon Crawley, University of California, Riverside
Neutrinos, Blackpentecostal Sound, and the Possibility for Justice Otherwise

Lucia Hulsether, Yale University
Imagine Racial Capitalism

Adrian Emmanuel Hernandez-Acosta, Harvard University
Threshold of the Radical: The Black Woman from Erzulie to Spillers

Amey Victoria Adkins, Duke University
Other Diasporas: Mary, Glissant, and Theology-in-Relation

Aisha Beliso-De Jesus, Harvard University

A20 – 285: San Antonio Tour
1950’s and 60’s LGBTIQ Pre-Stonewall Sites Tour
3:00pm – 6:00pm
Marie Cartier, California State University, Northridge, Presiding
Carolyn Weathers, Long Beach, CA, Presiding

A20 – 326: Queer Studies in Religion Group
Theme: Making a Way in the World Today: Queer Traversals of Complex Terrain
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Jennifer S. Leath, Iliff School of Theology, Presiding

Unregistered Participant
Utopias on the Margins: Queer Muslim Imaginaries

Jason Steidl, Fordham University
Queer Martyrologies and Action: LGBT Kinship between Heaven and Earth

Jason Frey, Chicago Theological Seminary
Vulnerability to Come: A Queer Ethic of Precarious Futurities and Embodiment

Courtney O’Dell-Chaib, Syracuse University
Queer Love for Mutated Landscapes

S.J. Crasnow, University of California, Riverside
Off the Record: Israel/Palestine and Queer Jewish Politics, Values, and Activism

M20 – 419: Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Theme: Understanding the Impact of Reproductive Loss on Women and Families

(includes discussion of reproductive loss for LGBT people communities)

Mon., Nov. 21, 2016

S21-138: LGBTI/Queer Hermeneutics
Theme: Queer Times: Futurity, Hauntology, and Utopia in and after Biblical Texts
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Lynn Huber, Elon University, Presiding

Peter N McLellan, Drew University
On Demoniacs and the Dead, Then and Now: Queer Necropolitics, Ghosts, and Alliances across Time and Space

Stephen D. Moore, The Theological School, Drew University
The Gospel and Acts of the Holy Ghost: Queer Spectrality, Affective Homohistory, and Luke-Acts

Caryn Tamber-Rosenau, Vanderbilt University
No Future for Bethulia? Judith, Childlessness, and the Futurism Question

Brian James Tipton, Drew University
A Queer Hermeneutic of Hope: Genesis, Climate Change, and a Backward Glance for a Queer Utopian Future

Denise Buell, Williams College, Respondent

A21 – 113: Religion and Politics Section
Theme: The Concept of Love in Political Theology and Ethics

Natalie Williams, Luther College
Queer Divorce: Constructing a Christian Ethic of Divorce after Marriage Equality

A21 – 128: Lesbian-Feminisms and Religion Group
Theme: National and Trans-National Lesbian Feminisms: Disparity and Connection
9:00am – 11:30am
Emily Silverman, San José State University, Presiding

Indhira Udofia, Boston University
Embracing “The Lady, Her Lover, and Lord”: A Lesbian Womanist Reimagining of Love and Sex in the Age of the Christian Marriage Industrial Complex

John Erickson, Claremont Graduate University
“Lesbian Feminism Saved My Life”: Community, Religious Resonance, and Lived Experiences

Michelle Morris, First United Methodist Church of West Memphis
Beyond the Uterus: A Feminist, Lesbian Challenge for a Lens of Reproductive Status
Julie Morris, Duke University

Excessive Flesh: Understanding Humanity Outside the Logics of Exclusion and Essentialism

Amy Milligan, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

S21-230: LGBTI/Queer Hermeneutics
Theme: Queering Pauline Epistles and Interpretations
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Diana Swancutt, Boston University, Presiding

Valérie Nicolet, Institut protestant de théologie, Paris
Disciplining and Liberating Metaphors for the Law in Galatians: A First Queer Look at the Law in Paul

Eric A. Thomas, Drew University
Watch Your Teeth: Reading Galatians 5:13-6:10 with Baldwin and Lorde

Midori Hartman, Drew University
Crucifixion’s Idolatrous Resonance: Animality, Slavery, and Sexuality in Pauline Rhetoric

Luis Menéndez-Antuña, Vanderbilt University
Converting Paul: Exploring the Contribution of Art for Queer Hermeneutics
(Paintings by Rubens and Caravaggio channel gender and sexual ideology in contrasting ways.)

Tat-siong Benny Liew, College of the Holy Cross, Respondent

A21 – 208: Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society Group
Theme: Black Girl Magic: Considering Contemporary Challenges and Black Women’s Resistance
Michele Watkins-Branch, Iliff School of Theology, Presiding

“Loves the Folk; Loves Herself, Regardless”: What the Black Religious Community Can Learn from the Redemptive Self- and Communal- Love of Lesbian, Trans*, Queer, and Bisexual Black Women

A21 – 220: Theology and Religious Reflections Section and Queer Studies in Religion Group
Theme: Author Meets Critics: Linn Tonstad, “God and Difference: The Trinity, Sexuality, and the Transformation of Finitude” (Routledge, 2015)
1:00pm 3:30pm
Ed Waggoner, Brite Divinity School, Presiding

Cameron Partridge, Harvard University
Mark Jordan, Harvard University
Timothy McGee, Southern Methodist University
Larisa Reznik, Bowdoin College
Linn Tonstad, Yale University

S21-240:Reading, Theory, and the Bible
Theme: Textual and Bodily Transformations
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Joseph A. Marchal, Ball State University
The Disgusting Apostle and a Queer Affect between Epistles and Audiences

A21 – 328: Gay Men and Religion Group
Theme: Unruly Gay Bodies: Theological and Ethical (Re)Thinking about How Gay Men Relate Sexually and Otherwise … and to Others
4:00pm – 6:00pm
Roger A. Sneed, Furman University, Presiding

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Pacific School of Religion
Jared Vazquez, Iliff School of Theology
Friends with Benefits: Exploring the Cusp of the Intimacies of Relating (through an
Investigation of Race, Class, Sexuality, and Gender)

Nathan Kennedy, Brite Divinity School, University of North Texas
Where Three or More Are Gathered: Gay Polyamorous Friendship as an Ecclesial Phenomenon

Jason Frey, Chicago Theological Seminary
Unruly Risks: A Queer Ethic of Intimacy, Otherness, and Bare(back) Vulnerability
Richard Lindsay, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

The Classical Alibi and the Formation of Gay Male Spiritual Discourse in Midcentury Softcore Pornography

Victor Anderson, Vanderbilt University

S21-318: Feminist Hermeneutics of the Bible
Theme: Gender: Revealed and Revelatory
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Sharon Jacob, Phillips Theological Seminary, Presiding

Titillating, Revolting, Transporting, Revealing: The Hermaphroditic Hermeneutic Detector of Revelation 1:13
(The image of a “Son of Man” with “female” breasts is important in the search for non-binary, non-oppressive sexual and religious expression.)

S21-315: Early Jewish Christian Relations
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Philo’s Sophia vs. John’s Jesus in Gender Trouble
(Jesus crosses gender boundaries by taking on feminine imagery in John’s gospel.)

A21-330: Interreligious and Interfaith Studies Group
Theme: Exploring Multiple Religious Belonging
4:00 PM-6:30 PM

Rachel A. Heath, Vanderbilt University
Multiple Religious Belonging and Theologies of Multiplicity: Queer Thoughts on Religious Identities and Privilege

Tues., Nov. 22, 2016

A22 – 104: Religion and Social Sciences Section
Theme: New Meanings of Equalitarianism Post Marriage Equality in an U.S. Educational Meritocracy

Dusty Hoesly, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Universal Life Church, Same-Sex Weddings, and Religious-Secular Entanglements

A22 – 106: African Religions Group and Lesbian-Feminist Issues and Religion Group
Theme: African Responses to Violence in the Realms of Gender and Sexuality: Action, Ethics, Popular Art, and Religion
8:30am – 10:00am

Adriaan van Klinken, University of Leeds
Contestations over “Same Love”: A Kenyan Gay Music Video as Expression of African Queer Artivism
(Kenyan version of the hiphop song “Same Love” about same-sex love includes an openly gay gospel musician and expresses local LGBT activism by claiming a Christian concept of love.)

A22 – 110: Ecclesiological Investigations Group
Theme: The Church, Denominations, and Human Sexuality
Mark Chapman, Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Presiding

Jessica Smith, Washington, DC
Beyond a Liberal Politics of Inclusion? The United Methodist Church and Human Sexuality

Elina Hellqvist, University of Helsinki
Communion of Churches that Disagrees: Lutheran Churches and Human Sexuality

Ross Kane, University of Virginia
The Politics of Sexuality: Global and Colonial Dynamics of Anglican Ecclesial Divisions

Karen Marie Leth-Nissen, University of Copenhagen
Saints, Sinners and Same-Sex Marriages: Ecclesiological Identity in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark and Church of England

A22 – 124: Sacred Texts, Theory, and Theological Construction Group
Theme: Expanding the Archive: Elaborating the Work of Ann Cvetkovich
Maia Kotrosits, Denison University, Presiding

Panelists reflect on queer spirituality and other phenomena in relation to the books Ann Cvetkovich’s books “An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures” and “Depression: A Public Feeling.”

Brock Perry, Drew University
“I Saw the Meat We Are”: Queer Spirituality, Creativity, Critique

Joseph A. Marchal, Ball State University
Ephemeral Epistles, Ancient Assemblies: An Almost Absent Archive for People beside Paul

Alexis Waller, Harvard University
Lost Queer Things: The Secret Gospel of Mark’s Archive of Feelings
(Queer uses of the past include Morton Smith’s controversial discovery — or forgery — of a Secret Gospel of Mark that describes Jesus with a naked man)

Eleanor Craig, Harvard University
Archival Despairs and Monstrous Utopias

Wendy Mallette, Yale University
Structural Sin and Sinful Selves: Trauma, Sexuality, and Selfhood

Jennifer L. Koosed, Albright College
Ann Cvetkovich, University of Texas

A22 – 126: Philosophy of Religion Section
Theme: Can Hope Combat Marginalization?

Linn Tonstad, Yale University
Queering Hope

A22 – 132: Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society Group
Theme: Panel Discussion of Pamela Lightsey’s “Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology” (Pickwick Publications, 2015)
10:30am – 12:00pm
Phillis Sheppard, Vanderbilt University, Presiding

Thelathia Young, Bucknell University
Stephen G. Ray, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Linda E. Thomas, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago
Roger A. Sneed, Furman University
Pamela Lightsey, Boston University

Readers asked if the AAR-SBL presentations available in any way to people who can’t attend?

The panels are usually not recorded or available in printed form, but abstracts of some of the papers are online now. Visit the AAR and SLB links below, go to the online program books and start searching. You can also try contacting the speakers directly.

For more info, visit:

American Academy of Religion

Society of Biblical Literature

Here’s another resource for those who want to follow the latest research and scholarship of various LGBTq theologians (and others).

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