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LGBTQ Christian books include queer theology, Bible study, church life, biography, memoir, history, art, culture and fiction for readers of all ages. Q Spirit covers religion and spirituality books of special interest to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people and allies.

LGBTQ Christian books
Book covers for Retreating Forward and Straight Mind in Corinth

New in August: LGBTQ Christian books “Retreating Forward” and “The Straight Mind in Corinth”

Transgender church retreats and queer Bible study are covered in two new LGBTQ Christian books this month. The books are “Retreating Forward: A...
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Book covers Building a Bridge and Live Through This

New in July: LGBTQ Christian books “Building a Bridge” and “Live Through This”

  Reflections on LGBTQ life in the church are presented from two different viewpoints in new books this month. The books are “Live Through...
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LGBTQ Christian books “Carnal Knowledge,” “Jonathan’s Loves, David’s Laments,” “Jane Crow”

New in June: LGBTQ Christian books “Carnal Knowledge,” “Jonathan’s Loves, David’s Laments,” “Jane Crow” and “Queer, There, and Everywhere”

A theology of embodied love, music about Biblical pair David and Jonathan, and the lives of committed queer Christian heroes are highlighted in four...
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Book covers Visions of Sodom and 119 My Life as a Bisexual Chritian

New in May: LGBTQ Christian books “Visions of Sodom” and “119: My Life as a Bisexual Christian”

  Bisexual Christian experience and the Biblical story of Sodom are explored in new LGBTQ books this month. They are “Visions of Sodom:...
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Book covers Trust Truth and For I am Wonderfully Made

New in April: LGBTQ Christian books “Trust Truth” and “For I am Wonderfully Made”

LGBTQ Eastern Orthodox Christians and the spiritually adventurous wife of a gay man tell their stories in two new books this month. They are a...
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Top 35 LGBTQ Christian books of 2016 named

Check out the top 35 LGBTQ Christian books of 2016 — including queer theology, Bible, history, memoir, fiction and church life for all ages. The incredibly diverse list was announced today by lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry on the Jesus in Love Blog at...

Top 25 LGBTQ Christian books of 2015 named

Dozens of books with LGBTQ Christian themes were published in 2015. Here is a list of the top 25 – including, theology, memoir, Bible, history, art, film, fiction and church life. The year’s diverse group of authors approaches the subject in all different ways:...